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A key to making a solid coaching investment

is choosing a coach

that's the right fit for you. 

As you ponder whether investing in a coach could be a good move for you, I want to offer you this perspective. Focus on what you will gain.  You're investing time, energy, effort, trust and money. In addition to considering what you stand to gain financially, do an additional assessment of what you stand to gain in terms of time, energy, effort and trust. 

As you assess potential gain, I am happy to serve as a momentary advisor.

I am passionate about coaching. I'm also deeply conflicted about the problems in the coaching industry.  I am committed to empowering potential coaching clients to navigate the industry with clarity, and make decisions with confidence so that they can gain from the experience financially, and beyond. 

It's rare to get the chance to

meet the person who will be coaching you


being asked to commit to their program. 

It's also rare to meet a coach who delivers results on more than their sales pitch.

A coach's willingness to meet you person-to-person (not sales pitch to prospect) is a great indicator of whether that coach is a solid investment.

In order to join the ranks of people who get a return on their coaching investment you'll want to be bold.  Let the potential coach know that despite the name on the account or email signature, you are aware you may be speaking to an assistant instead of the actual coach. Let them know that while that's fine, you want to be clear that you will not be making any purchasing decisions until you've met the coach. 

You're choosing a mentor here,  not a magician.

Beware of a coach who dazzles and delights with their promise of miraculous results.

This is an investment, not a trust fall.

You'll want to choose a coach who does not feel like, or pressure you to take, a massive risk.  Instead, get to work on assessing whether or not the coach is the right fit for you, and your uniquely individual objectives. 

It's your job to make a logical determination of fit.  If you can't get enough information to do that, then consider that an indication that the coach may be a risky investment.  If you can assess fit, great work! Now you have what you need to make a solid investment decision. 

I do realize it can be hard to ask logical questions when a skilled sales person is telling you how amazing life is on the other side of swiping your credit card.  Keep in mind that they are trained to get you in a heightened emotional state to make your purchase. You see, coaches understand that a heightened emotional state reduces your logic brains involvement in the decision. It's in your best interest not to get emotionally invested in the promise of the miraculous transformation before you've assessed the likelihood that you'll actually get anything more than a lesson on sales out of the coach. 

Stay focused on the fit, not the promise of a new life

Getting into the details is not great way to keep a prospect in a heightened emotional state.

That is why many coaches  merely elude to, the specifics of the program.

Getting specific about what the client will receive before you become a client is a great way to avoid investing in a mirage of emotion that quickly turns to regret

A coach who can, and will, tell you exactly how many private session, exactly how many people in the group session, and any other specifics you desire is a great way to stay logical about what exactly you are purchasing.

It's coaching that you are purchasing. You are not purchasing the dreamy feeling of deep relief from your burning pain point even if they promise everyone else is living the dream and you can too as soon as you take the leap into your magical future!

People who get a solid return on their coaching investments know they need to get specific about exactly what coaching they will receive before making the purchasing decision.

Since 2020, I've been holding discovery calls to meet my potential clients, help them assess our fit, and provide specifics on what they'll get for investing in my coaching so they can make an informed decision for themselves.

Let me help you decide
Sara Szabó

“The past year with Szabo Services has been the clearest year of my career and arguably my life. I came to Sara when the barking Ferrari driving coaches weren’t my fuel for focus or motivation. I had no idea coaching could have and celebrate humanity. Of course the success followed when they goals where mine - not the worlds. Today I can say I’m proud of the leader Sara has helped develop, I’m worthy of a life of joy and I’m hopeful for my future. These three things couldn’t exist without her work. You’re worth it”

Realtor | RE/Max Edge, Greater Cleveland Team Franchise Owner

Sara Szabó

“I personally have worked with Sara one on one and she is so sweet, passionate, and makes you feel like you've known her for years! She takes her work very seriously and holds herself to a really high standard. I would recommend Szabo Services to just about everyone! At Szabo Services you will discover a different perspective/angle with any problem solving you need personally or professionally, a true one stop shop type of service.”

Owner | Black Key Coffee Co.

Sara Szabó

“If you spend even 5 minutes with Sara you will know you have connected with a serious business talent. She will connect and engage with someone and assess key characteristics and strengths of a person faster than anyone I have ever known. You will leave a brief meeting with Sara with new perspectives as well as concrete action steps. I cannot endorse her skills enough.”

Owner | Blue Sky Energy Systems LLC

I care deeply about helping people assess whether they are positioned to gain from investing in my coaching.

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Sara G. Szabó | Holistic Business Coach